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Highlights of 2019

Since its establishment, PharmaEssentia has continuously optimized its corporate governance structure to establish a corporate culture of integrity and accountability. We are committed to establish our own Corporate Governance Roadmap, based on the five action plans in the Corporate Governance Roadmap (2018-2020) set out by the Financial Supervisory Commission (hereinafter referred to as “FSC”) and the Company’s future development directions. Our highly specialized and diverse Board of Directors serves as the Company’s highest governance unit, and an “Audit Committee” and a “Remuneration Committee” are set up under the Board to strengthen supervision and governance. Our governance and management team also achieved excellent results in 2019. The Company was promoted to the second-class range (the top 6%-20%) in the results of the annual Corporate Governance Evaluation System organized by the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation along the Taipei Exchange and our annual consolidated revenue reached a record high of NT$ 306 million. While engaging in business operations, the Company also strives to promote a number of management topics such as non-financial information disclosure, hence in 2020 we set up a dedicated Executive Center for Corporate Sustainability to plan and promote cross-departmental sustainability activities, set goals and implement projects. Through the cooperation of the 5 taskforces and interactions among their diverse expertise, we actively respond to the expectations of stakeholders and practice the corporate social responsibility of PharmaEssentia. For the identification and management of operational risks, we have established comprehensive internal control and audit systems in accordance with relevant regulations. When cooperating with partners at all stages of the value chain, PharmaEssentia establishes a corresponding strategic cooperation model with an aim to maintain a long-term relationship of mutual benefit and common prosperity. PharmaEssentia is gradually establishing a legal compliance strategic framework and code of ethics and standards of conduct based on the four strategic building blocks: “Structure and Governance”, “Policies and Practices”, “Operations and Accountability” and “Culture and Education” to protect the privacy and personal security of patients and employees, and eliminate all matters of dishonesty, bribery and corruption. In the future, we will also strengthen the promotion of our Code of Conduct and related education and training and guide the behavior and decision-making of all employees in the Company to comply with ethics and moral standards.

Corporate governance and management
Ethical and regulatory compliance
Sustainability governance and development goals
Risk management
Partnerships for mutual prosperity
Rigorous data privacy and cybersecurity
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2019 CSR Report