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Highlights of 2019

Excellent human resources are the cornerstone of a company’s sustainable operation and the key to the pursuit of excellence. In addition to being committed to creating the company value in the global industry and society, PharmaEssentia also strives to be a human-oriented company and actively implements employee care in the aspects of work, life, and health. We not only build a healthy and friendly workplace environment, but we also provide comprehensive benefit schemes and competitive salaries. We also attach great importance to diversity and inclusiveness. The Company not only has an equivalent number of male and female employees, but also strives to achieve internal equity and external competitiveness in the overall salary structure planning, which is linked to performance to motivate outstanding employees. Through the aforementioned initiatives, we attract and form a high-quality professional team with professionals in the field of biotechnology and experts who are interested in participating in the international and world-class biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industry, work hard together and move forward with all employees. In order to cultivate professional talents that meet the Company’s needs, through global business expansion and learning from international partners, the Company provides staff training courses and abundant and diversified learning resources based on its vision and strategic goals, to ultimately enhance employee development and corporate competitiveness. Regarding the occupational health and safety of employees, we hold relevant trainings and emergency response drills on a regular basis. For employees responsible for specified operation, the Company has organized a Special Hazard Health Examinations and Exceptional Workload Risk Assessment to follow up on their health condition. From 2014 to 2019, the Company has reached over 730,000 accumulated disaster-free working hours, showing that the Company has successfully created a safe, healthy, and happy workplace environment for our employees.

A happy workplace
Competitive compensation and benefits
Human rights protection
Talent training and career development
Occupational health and safety
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2019 CSR Report