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Highlights of 2019

The Company is expected to introduce the ISO 14064-1:2018 Greenhouse gases in September 2020. In the future, through scientific investigation on greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, we will continue to seek the possibility of carbon reduction in the operation process and set carbon reduction targets. Although the overall energy consumption has risen with the product launches and increased production capacity, the Company has implemented energy-saving plans and regularly reviews the purchase and replacement of equipment. As a result, the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 has dropped significantly by 27%. In addition to GHG emissions, in order to effectively manage the output and treatment of the Company’s waste, the Company has established a Procedure for Waste Management and a waste treatment mechanism, assign delegated personnel to manage and regularly review the implementation of waste treatment, and entrusted qualified manufacturers for removal of waste. For the toxic chemicals management, the Company focuses on source management and control and implements written records of usage status to manage the flow of chemical toxic substances. Toxic substances are classified and stored according to the characteristics as required, and the Company declares the input and output volume and the balance volume according to required time and in accordance with the regulations of the competent authority. In addition, the Company has also formulated Standard Operating Procedure for Emergency Response involving the leakage of toxic substances. Also, the Company implements toxic chemicals leakage management drills every year to prevent toxic substances disasters. Regarding the management of water resources, in addition to daily water conservation efforts, the Taichung Plant, the main production plant, also uses a number of water recovery mechanisms to improve the efficiency of water recycling and reuse. Through the above various practices, we are committed to be friendly to the environment and natural resources, so that our next generation and even the future generations can live in a sustainable environment.

Climate change mitigation and adaptation
Waste management
Toxic chemicals management
Water management
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2019 CSR Report