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Corporate Sustainability

In 2019, PharmaEssentia obtained the first EMA Marketing Authorization approval and brought the company. Therefore, we selected 2019~2020 as our first year of corporate sustainability and set the annual goals toward “ Review and Planning of “corporate sustainability”. We systematically collected and analyzed the benchmarking companies in the biotech/ biopharmaceutical industry alone the value chain and their associated business /operational models. In accordance with the various global sustainability reporting standards, we have identified our 11 types of stakeholders, 6 sustainability themes, and 34 sustainability topics from the three non-financial sustainable dimensions : Environment (E), Society (S) and Governance (G). Today, we have published our first Corporate sustainability report (2019). We sincerely expected that the transparency and disclosure of our ESG management performance can be used as another channel to improve our communication with all of our stakeholders.

  • Identification process of sustainability topics:
    In the first step of review, the Company set out with the mapping of key stakeholders and materiality analysis. We have identified 11 types of stakeholders, among them we have selected the three most important stakeholders of PharmaEssentia as follows: employees, patients, and investors. We further prioritized the 34 sustainability topics into 13 highly significant topics, 10 moderate topics and 11 general topics.
  • On Information Disclosure:
    We have made a robust and complete materiality analysis in our operation processes and disclosed our management and communication methods in accordance with the six major report qualities defined by the GRI Standards. Furthermore, we also developed short-, medium- and long-term sustainability goals, and continue to carry out follow-ups and improvements in order to create long-term shared value for the company and all stakeholders, we also hope to further optimize the short, medium and long-term sustainable goals, continuously track and improve.

Materiality matrix in the first year of corporate sustainability

2019 is the first year of PharmaEssentia’s sustainable development blueprint. Our goal is to instill 100% of the Company's corporate sustainability belief into our DNA. In order to ensure that the compilation of the sustainability report complies with the principle of inclusiveness, we first extensively collect sustainability related topics regarding international benchmarking standards and trends, trends in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industry, best practices from companies in the same industry, and social concerns. In addition, we also made a series of department interviews to understand the actual situation and management approach of the Company. PharmaEssentia fully presented the process and results of our analysis. The two dimensions of the materiality matrix are: “Level of impact on the sustainability themes” and “Level of stakeholders’ concern.” We determined highly significant, moderate, and general sustainability topics based on the cross-results analysis. This report focuses on the 13 highly significant topics identified and determined through the analysis, explains the importance of the topics to PharmaEssentia, and fully discloses the management policies and performance information. We will continue to conduct follow-ups and management on other topics.

Significance of stakeholder to PharmaEssentia

From the process of interviewing representatives from various departments, we had a broad understanding of the stakeholders that PharmaEssentia will impact and be impacted by along the business processes. A total of 11 types of stakeholders who are closely related to the Company’s operations are listed as follows: employees, patients, investors, healthcare providers, strategic partners, external consultants, media, contract research organizations (CROs), suppliers/contractors, government agencies, and NPOs/NGOs. The main communication channel is the contact window of all relevant stakeholders. We will also utilize communication channels on a regular basis to communicate on ESG topics that are of concern to all stakeholders.

Stakeholder Relations

  • Stakeholder Contact:Executive Center for Corporate Sustainability of PharmaEssentia
  • Telephone:+886.2 2655-7688
  • Email
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